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The Brad Laner Provisional Timeline For Adultescents

1966                        born November 6th in Los Angeles, California

                        Early immersion in pop music, especially late period


1972-80                   learns guitar, piano, drums. starts experimenting

                        with tape recorders.

                        creates dozens of cassette LPs of songs and sound


                        forms countless neighborhood bands, nearly gets

                        killed by an angry

                        mob of kids for trying to play a version of

                        Eno's "Baby's on Fire" at a junior high dance.

                        In 1979 whilst in 7th grade gets roped into playing

                        bass in a kid band

                        on TV with The Captain and Tennille.


1981-87                   forms punk/noise outfit Debt of Nature. first

                        releases on The

                        Minutemen's New Alliance label and trouble making

                        shows opening

                        Wall of Voodoo and others.

                        Later forms Steaming Coils and releases 3 LPs. Brief

                        stints in other

                        bands such as Blue Daisies, Three Day Stubble,

                        Zurich 1916, Pilgrim

                        State, Vox Pop, Nervous Gender.

1988-1990               Joins Savage Republic as Drummer. Tours the world

                        and makes three Lps with them. Also brief stints

                        with 17 Pygmies,Fourwaycross and The Sugarplastic

1991-1995               Forms Medicine. Signs to Creation in the UK and Def

                        American in the US. Much world touring, 3 LPs

                        and a handful of EPs plus

                        an appearance as a bar band in "The Crow" before

                        breaking up acrimoniously

1995-2002               Forms Electric Company. Makes 10 LPs in 10 years for

                        American, Island, Tigerbeat6, Planet Mu and others.

                        Forms Amnesia and makes 2 LPs for Island records.

                        Forms Lusk with various dudes from Tool and Failure,

                        makes one grammy nominated LP for Volcano

                        Writes and records with Blinker The Star, Furry

                        Things, Juana Molina,

                        Sam Roberts, On, Kid606, Personal Electronics, Vas

                        Deferens Organization, Kraig Grady and many


2003                        Briefly reforms Medicine as a duo with Shannon Lee

                        and puts out one LP and a couple of Eps on Wall of

                        Sound/Astralwerks.Remixes The Faint. Gets a tune on

                        HBO's Entourage.

2004-2006               With the birth of son Julian, retires from active

                        service for a couple of years.

                        Meanwhile makes long distance appearances on records

                        by Caribou, Brian Eno and Vetiver. Scores a couple

                        of crappy movies. Plays at Arthurfest.

                        Digital only LP on Ghostly with Christopher Willits

                        as "North Valley Subconscious Orchestra"

2007-2008               Signs up with Hometapes and releases first true solo

                        LP of songs, "Neighbor Singing". Co-Produced by Thom

                        Monahan (Vetiver, Brightblack, Lavender Diamond)

                        Children thusly rejoice, Women may swoon, Birdies do

                        chortle in the breeze. For now.

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